Compeed Blister Toes - 8 Plasters

Compeed Blister Toes - 8 Plasters

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Compeed On Toes Blister Plasters, 8 Hydrocolloid Plasters, Foot Treatment, Heal Fast

• INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: deep cushioning to relieve pressure and prevent painful rubbing
• FAST HEALING: hydrocolloid gel technology creates the optimal healing environment
• STAYS IN PLACE FOR DAYS: ultra adhesive, tapered edges so Compeed flexes with movement and won't rub off like regular plasters
• WATERPROOF: keeps natural moisture in and germs out for faster natural healing
• DISCREET: translucent edges blend in with the skin

Compeed originated from wound healing treatments used by the military. The hydrocolloid technology is ideal for treating blisters, whether they are caused by running, new shoes, wearing shoes you haven't worn in a while or by just being on your feet all day. Compeed is the Nº1 brand to treat blisters which is why it's trusted by millions of consumers worldwide

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