Small First Aid Kit (Bum Bag)

Small First Aid Kit (Bum Bag)

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A compact first aid kit with the general first aid requirements for most sports. Comes in a professional sports bum bag this kit if for the general first aider.


Description QTY
Conforming Band. 5cm x 1.5M 1
Amputated Parts Bags Ass. x 3 1
Micro. Paper Tape 1.25cm x 5M 1
N/W Tri. Band. 110cm x 110cm 1
Latex Glove Powder Free x 2 1
First Aid Booklet 1
CPR Flow Chart Card 10cm x 14cm 1
Plastic Strip 72mm x 19mm x 50 1
Cleansing Wipe x 1 1
Wound Dressing No.15 1
Forceps 7.5cm Steel 1
Scissors 11cm Sharp/Sharp 1
Safety Pins Bag of 12 1
Thermal Blanket 127cm x 180cm 1
Face Shield Disp. (GST FREE) 1
Contents List 1
Clear Resealable Bag 150 x 230mm 1

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