Strapit 38mm Professional Sports Strapping Tape - Combo Kit

Strapit 38mm Professional Sports Strapping Tape - Combo Kit

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The Strapit Professional COMBO tape kit combined our highest pro grade rigid strapping tape with our hypoallergenic fixit underwrap. The tape kit allows the use a combination of a safe low allergy underwrap/prewrap to prepare and effectively protect the skin combined with a super strong rigid strapping tape to stabilise the relevant area being taped.

The taping kit includes:
1. 38mm x 13.7M profesional sports strapping tape
2. 50mm x 10M professional fixit adhesive underwrap

Our rigid tape has the strongest properties available on the market and contains a very strong latex based adhesive
Our fixit underwrap is a low allergy adhesive with the main glue ingredient being an acrylic based glue.

The tape combination is a cost effective option and can be used for
1. Knee taping
2. Ankle
3. Shoulder
4. Lower back
5. Other applications

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